Campus‍‍‍ Safety‍‍‍

Long-‍‍‍Range Planning


We are focused on improving safety of all our campuses and training our personnel to handle all types of emergency‍‍‍ situations. This must be our top priority.

The process of developing a long-range plan for our system, including facilities, transportation, and personnel, as well as a strategic p‍‍‍lan that focuses on educational outcomes, is already underway. This will greatly improve our efficiency and allow us to get the most return on what funds we have to spend.

We are currently undergoing a 2.4 million dollar upgrade of our network system which will allow us to be able to put a computer in front of every student when completed.‍‍‍ This is a major step forward for DeKalb County.

DeKalb County Board of Education Representative Jeff Williams announced he will seek re-election in 2018.

Williams was elected to the Board of Education in 2012 and represents District 3 which includes Plainview, Ruhama and the DeKalb County Technology Center

It Has Been a Great Honor

It has been a great honor to represent District 3 and serve in this position.

We have so many passionate educators in our system and it has been a pleasure working with them to meet their needs and provide them great opportunities to educate our students.



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Williams has owned and operated CPA Professionals since 2001. His children Jessica Williams Cobo (age 30) and Ryan Williams (age 28) are graduates of Plainview High School. Jeff has been married to his wife Janet for 33 years.


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